Updating the software of your Raspberry

It’s always good to ensure the operating system of your Raspberry is up to date. You can type the commands listed below directly at the command line interface on your Raspberry, or as we do, through a remote log in command line interface from our laptop. Here is a guide on how to remotely log in to your Raspberry in case you haven’t done it before.

Ensure your Raspberry is up to date

Make sure your Raspberry has started. Then open a terminal window on your laptop and remotely log in using the ssh command, with ”pi” as the user and, most likely, ”raspberry” as the password (if you haven’t changed the default login credentials).

It’s recommended to make sure the operating system files of your Raspberry are up to date by typing these commands. Each line needs to be followed by pressing the enter key.

   sudo apt-get update
   sudo apt-get upgrade
   sudo reboot

The commands make a lot of text output appear in the terminal window and it might take a while.


As well, it’s recommended to have the firmware up to date. When your Raspberry is rebooted, log in again from your laptop to your Raspberry and type these commands to make sure the firmware of your Raspberry is up to date:

   sudo rpi-update
   sudo reboot


Now your Raspberry should be up to date. Feels great, doesn’t it.